*One Month Annualized Return as of 31st-October-2023 based on NAV to NAV with dividend reinvestment, Benchmark return: 15.56%. Fund Stability Rating: "NOT YET RATED". Fund Category: Income Scheme. For Funds’ categories, returns (including any unusual performance), ratings and other information, please read the latest Fund Manager Report. This publication is for informational purposes only and nothing herein should be construed as a solicitation, recommendation, or an offer to buy or sell any fund. All investments in mutual funds are subject to market risks. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Please read the Offering Document to understand the investment policies and risks involved. All returns are calculated assuming reinvested dividends. Performance data does not include the cost incurred directly by an investor in the form of sales load etc.


Long term investment horizon

Suitable for investors looking for more than 3 years Investment Horizon

Medium Risk

The fund is suitable for investors with Medium Risk appetite

Seasoned Fund Managers

Managed by seasoned fund managers

Investment Objective

Alfalah Consumer Index Exchange Traded Fund (ACIETF) is an open-ended scheme that is traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and shall aim to track the performance of the Benchmark index. The index shall be periodically re-balanced & reconstituted as specified in this document in order to provide long-term capital appreciation and dividends yield to the investors.

The Index strategy would be consumer-focused and would comprise a maximum of 20 stocks. The ETFs focus on sectors that are direct beneficiaries of growing consumer demand in the country which is anticipated to strengthen further in wake of economic recovery, low-interest-rate environment & various packages announced by the Government, etc. Pakistan’s GDP growth has always been driven by strong local demand due to very favorable demographics where a young and robust population takes the driving seat on the consumption side. The ETF therefore will provide a concentrated avenue to investors that are planning to play the consumer demand story of the country.

Security Selection.

• Top companies among pre-defined sectors that have the highest free float-based market cap in the sector on index rebalancing and/or Addition/deletion dates i.e. 30th June and 31st December of each year.

• Stocks with a 1-year daily average trading volume of 100,000 shares or above.

Determination of weight

• Based on free float Market Capitalization, the Maximum weight of a single stock in the index will be 10%. Index weight in excess of 10% of any single stock shall be distributed to the remaining stocks based on their respective weight in the index and subject to the maximum limit.

• Weights adjusted for fractional shares after rounding off will result in the cash component in addition to 1% allocated on the onset.

Fund Details

  • Category
  • Income Scheme ( Financial Sector Specific)
  • Fund Type
  • Open Ended
  • Benchmark
  • Six (6) Months KIBOR Rates
  • Launch Date
  • August 2nd, 2023
  • Pricing
  • Forward Day
  • Sales Load
  • Up to 0.2%
  • Risk Profile
  • Medium
  • Management Fee
  • Up to 2% of the net assets per annum
  • Expense Ratio
  • As per allowed Regulatory limit of 2.5%
  • Minimum Investment
  • Minimum Investment Limit Rs. 500 / Minimum Subseq. Investment: Rs. 100
  • Trustee
  • Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC)
  • Auditor
  • EY Ford Rhodes & Co
  • Listing
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange
  • Cut-off Time
  • 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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