4. In an effort to bridge the gap between the youth and the financial world, Alfalah Investments has on-boarded YPay Financials as an official Digital Distributor.

Alfalah Investments is proud to announce its collaboration with YPay Financials, a youth centric financial service provider. Since its inception in 2004, Alfalah Investments has provided the best, most innovative investment solutions, tailor-made for each of its clients and this collaboration will continue to do so, by bringing investments in mutual funds to the digital world. The key objective of the alliance is imparting knowledge, helping the youth understand financial concepts, and providing financial products and services to those who are unaware of the concept and are seeking a user-friendly platform.

YPay’s goal is to revolutionize the investment landscape of Pakistan, by providing an autopilot investment platform for millennial investors across the nation, with the intention of educating and empowering those who have little to no knowledge about managing finances. Through financial literacy products, individuals can educate themselves, making them better equipped to plan for their future from an early age.

Alfalah Investments is constantly striving to inspire the youth to set financial goals and realize the importance of budgeting and investing and this partnership aligns with the same goal; to educate the youth and enable them to make better financial decisions from an early age by providing them with financial education as well as the best possible investment solutions.

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